Comment: The solution is simple.

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The solution is simple.

Don't collectivize people into groups based on race or skin pigmentation.

Don't demonize people of a particular race or skin pigmentation.

Don't bash an entire nation of people because of the ideas or actions of their leaders. Those ideas or actions may not reflect the will of their people.

Ideas are fair game. If individuals group together to forward an idea antithetical to liberty, the idea itself is fair game to attack, and you can do so without attacking the individuals or group forwarding the idea, but you don't have to. People forwarding ideas to enslave you view you as their enemies. Treat them the same then, but attacking just their ideas allows you to maintain the moral high ground easier.

Now apply the above rules to this current debate.

Don't collectivize all citizens of Israel as Jews.

Don't blame all citizens of Israel for the actions of their government.

Don't demonize Jews.

Attack the ideas of Zionism, attack zionists if you must, but it's best to attack the idea, not the people. Not all citizens of Israel are zionists.


Personal note: I can honestly say I learned the above rules from Ron Paul. I can't name the video or interview I saw, but there was a vid back in '07 or '08 where he talked about ideas being fair game because bad ideas that are implemented can damage your life, liberty, and property, and how he prefers to attack the idea and not the people promoting it.

So, on Israel, I'd love to go there someday and see for myself what it's like. If it was safe to, I'd go check out the West Bank or Gaza too, so I can make an informed opinion. Did British empire meddling after WW2 create a bad situation that festers to this day? Yep! The answer isn't some "All Jews need to leave and move back to Europe" either. That's crap. Also, cordoning off over a million people behind a wall and blockading them is crap as well. Islam, Christianity, and Hebrew all share religious roots in the Holy Land. The sooner the 3 can realize that, establish religious freedom there, and share all that they have to offer, the better.

That's my 2 cents.