Comment: They have abused their powers for years

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They have abused their powers for years

I was arrested back in 1981 in Omaha as another person they had a arrest warrant for.
I was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for running a red light.

I just happened to have the other person's first name...didn't matter the other person weighed 180lbs and I weighed 105lbs and had a different last name. My dad was a COP in a nearby town. But they refused to call
that police department to identify me.
Hell one of the officers even knew me from the restaurant I worked at. But she even refused to come to my aid.

When my finger prints did not match up with the other Candance they charged me with loitering and prowling(I was a passenger in a freaking car) and threw me in jail.
Went before the judge in the morning and then was sent to the correctional center and THEN was finally allowed a phone call !!! It was like..its a little late now.
By that time my parents would not believe me that I had done nothing wrong. Surely if they sent me to the correctional center I was in the wrong. Grrr

The other passenger in the car had some old traffic fines he had not paid. They arrested him also. But he got the hell beat out of him in the elevator on the way up to the booking area.

Thankfully a friend paid my fine and got me out of the correctional center.