Comment: Certainly this is not the whole thing but

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Certainly this is not the whole thing but

I think that alot of the people inthe media as well as those running the media have been around a long time, in that time they have seen and heard of Dr Paul. Throughout the years, sides and opinions have been build for or against 'Ron Paul', when the old media hacks interviewed him, it was their chance to get personal with him and let out all the bias they'd been building throughout their political/media careers. They saw Dr. Paul as an extremist and because of this biased interpretation they jumped on him any way they could. They thought (and were right in thinking) that Dr. Ron Paul is one of a kind, but they don't understand is now there are millions of 'Ron Pauls', those who are stepping forward into liberty through education and determination. Rand and all others will be seen as a lesser threat to the establishment, because Dr. Paul was THE anti-establishment guy, so in their eyes no one will be 'crazy' like Dr. Paul. What's funny is that their idea of 'crazy' is actually sanity and there are many of us waking up to this fact. At least that's how I see it