Comment: A lot of Spin by the OP

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A lot of Spin by the OP

Serious spin going on here. To anyone who's ever been in a nightclub, you know that sometimes a guy deserves a slap across the face because everyone knows it is possible for guys to act lewdly, inappropriately, etc, etc. Let's be real here though. Girls who go to nightclubs know that the environment is a little juiced up, that's why they are their, to be hit on by cute guys and have a good time. Sometimes, a guy might get out of hand saying something over the line or touching inappropriately. The woman has a right to complain, and in some cases slap the offender. In this case, the guy patted (not groped incessantly) a woman's butt. I totally agree its inappropriate. Probably even a slap in the face offense. However, she did not slap him. She turned around, wound up as hard as she could, and shattered his nose completely. She completely cold punched him, breaking his nose, hospitalizing him for the night.

The reason I find the OP incredibly out of line with the spin on this article is because that is simply not acceptable behavior by this woman. Going to nightclubs with my girlfriend before, other girls have touched my ass, flirted with me by touching me, I have even had my cock grabbed. I, as a man, have told these girls to knock it off, get away. I didn't break their noses by winding up a big a punch as I could. (This has only happened if I am with a cute girl though, girls always go the taken guys haha) I do not have the right to cold punch a girl in the face breaking her nose for being inappropriate. Yes, guys can be even more aggressive and sometimes even warrant getting punched. But I feel like this OP doesn't know the facts of this case and just wants to use this sensationalized story to fill some type of personal agenda.

I also feel like calling the guy SCUM in big capital letters in the headline is dehumanizing a man who, although acted inappropiately, is still a human being with a mom, dad, hopes and dreams. Men are human too...