Comment: Just listen to Ron Paul and do not take 'two steps backwards'!

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Just listen to Ron Paul and do not take 'two steps backwards'!

Stick with the three steps forwards! What about innocent Americans overseas... not to mention innocent foreigners?! Ron Paul just this week spoke of Americans learning and coming to understand the plight of both Americans and foreigners, continuously being bombed overseas!

To outlaw repetitively that which the constitution already forbids, simply erodes the intent and meaning into allowing Americans to be bombed overseas!

Wake up Amash and friends! Enough of compromise!

What part of "All men are endowed...", do you not understand!?

That means in our republic we require a declaration of JUST CHRISTIAN WAR before anyone is bombed, and bombs which fall only on the unjust after such a sad, tragic declaration!

That war would then be shouldered entirely by the people through congress! They would know the just cause, understand what is Christian in our attitude to others including the enemy, and, understand the consequences of winning, or losing!

If you must be like the 'Jone's in D.C.', and have your name on a redundant act, then settle for nothing less than the ...

'No bombs except just war bombs, Act!'