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Comment: You'll have to pry the silver from my cold dead fingers

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You'll have to pry the silver from my cold dead fingers


I'll just bet the US Government wished they had some of the 6 billion ozs they squandered manipulating the spot price in the past. They are paying for it now trying to save face minting Silver Eagles. It is my understanding they haven't minted any 5 oz rounds because there is not enough for Silver Eagles. Oh BTW I read on several websites apple had to scrap it's 21" Mack screen because their is not enough silver available to start production.

Doesn't sound like Silver is in a bubble to me, more like the dollar is in a bubble LMAO!

When the dollar collapses farmers will be willing to dump their land for silver and gold I'll bet. There will be a huge fire sale on everything, I may even be generous and over 10 oz of silver for 100 acres of land.

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