Comment: How many stupid things have you done?

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How many stupid things have you done?

Hi DPer's,

I see these cases and I say that was a stupid thing. Put him in a jail for a couple of days. That should set him straight. Even a 1 hours visit might do it. If he wanted a plane to fall out of the sky, he would of made it happen. No killer uses a laser pointer to kill people or cause something to malfunction. It's a prank or curiosity. I wonder if I can hit that plane with this laser from down here? Bored perhaps? There is quite a bit of things to consider. Judgement to harsh, most likely, unless he has a criminal background on violence that we don't know of or has done this thing before. Now if he does, perhaps 2 years or more is fine, but if not, too harsh of a punishment.

Now with that said, how many things have you done that was stupid?

When I was a kid, I remember doing quite a bit of stupid things. Putting toys in the street, so cars would run them over. Climbing a giant building for a good view. Climbing into dark tunnels. Driving backwards down roads for practice on how to drive backwards. Driving 60mph on a curvy 30mph, just see if I could do it without crashing. I found out that I can. I'm kind of a dare devil. Driving down one way streets by accident. Picking the wrong girl. You get the picture.

We all do stupid things as kids and we grow out of it. Doing stupid things is what humans do. I have kids and they do stupid things all the time, it's how we learn. Humans are dumb.