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I understand they call it an

I understand they call it an asset however that is part of the deception. Owning a bond in Apple corp is not an asset until the bond matures and you get your money back with interest. If Apple goes bankrupt before hand how much of an asset was the bond? It's not about me liking the connotation its about honesty vs fraud. As the saying goes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Saying a loan is an asset is fraudulent by every meaning of the word period! Creating credit/money from nothing does not create an asset it's all a fraud based on illusion. Loans fund as soon as the note is deposited they don't looking for funds they simply type them in on the computer based on the signature of the note. The people their property and wealth are the sureties/collateral for the credit based system. It is in fact all codified into law. I have a 14 page memorandum of law on the subject. Banks cannot lend their assets it is against the law.

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