Comment: Free markets need to determine "what we return to"

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Free markets need to determine "what we return to"

If the free market decides, we don't need to discuss "returning to the gold standard", because the market will automatically choose that, right?

It isn't a political question then, it isn't even necessary to discuss.

The reason some people are pushing for a gold standard, is that at least 25% (or 30,000 tons of gold), are owned by central banks, and the price is fixed in London at N M Rothschild & Sons daily. Gold is a monopolized market with tons of manipulation and government intervention. It can not be considered at this moment to be a "free market" in the usual meaning of the word free.

Free markets don't always choose a certain commodity. When too many people try to artificially drive up the price of a commodity, like gold, the free market chooses something else. that is why free markets are better than government in deciding "what we return to"

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