Comment: I support gay marriage as

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I support gay marriage as

I support gay marriage as much as I support government regulated marriage.

Progressives need to think about what they are doing. If gay couples, who are generally from more affluent families, want to join legal union in all 50 states the federal government needs to consider all the deductions these couples will hold on to on their tax returns. These are millions of dollars that gay households will get back in tax returns for filing as a household instead of single independents, not acceptable at a time when 'everyone must pay their fare share'. These tax loopholes will funnel money away from driving down the deficit or creating jobs. Could LGBT couples be more heartless? While their selfish interests of being legally joined in marriage in this country, their greed to hold on to more of their income is hurting the homeless and less fortunate, which their tax money goes to support. So, to fix this, a new check box will be added on the 1040 form for "LGBT" couple filing jointly. If this box is checked, the couple will pay as much as they would if they filed separately. This will make things more equal. Also, an equality deduction will be available if the pigments in their skin are darker to a certain degree than Anglo-Saxons.

Southern Agrarian