Comment: Jury Duty

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Jury Duty

Children should not be tried as adults. That means, don't arrest 8 year olds for assault, don't lock 16 year olds up for life for drug dealing, and all the other things the politically-motivated DA's and other elected officials are known to do.

It's obvious looking at a two-year-old that they don't have the brain development to behave in a socially acceptable way in all situations. The same is true of many children until their mid-twenties.

However, even with older adults, shouldn't the punishment serve to teach the perpetrator so that they are safe to return to society?

If I were on a jury, I would never convict a child as an adult. It's unconstitutional to make an act a crime, ex post facto. A juvenile perpetrator can't be turned into an adult by edict.

What do you think?