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Comment: the "I own myself"...

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the "I own myself"...

...philosophy is, "I am the god of my own universe"...

The "laws of nature, and of nature's God" imply ORDER....there is a Creator.

Secondly, the implication that anyone(society) by government, or non-government decree, give it's "blessing" to gay sex is beyond ignorant because of it's clear and well documented destructive consequences.

The man-on-man, woman-on-woman relationship contributes nothing beneficial to any society; it is unnatural, and selfish, and God-defying. It is the road to destruction, NOT the "libertarianism" of our learned founders.

Marriage is a God-ordained institution, and so is the family, and so is throw him off is ignorant; the state has no business in marriage anyways...but...the state best be careful NOT to usurp His office and authority over men in this regard by deceiving the people in blessing that which is abomination in His eyes.

Sorry Dex, wisdom is ever-present, and granted from above; not "evolved".