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Comment: My favorite attributes

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My favorite attributes

My favorite attributes of DP include:

- People are friendly and, for the most part, don't call people names, act rudely, ad hominem and try to shut down discussions. Go visit the boards at or to see counter examples (legalizeliberty could curb her name-calling a bit in anarcho threads, and the bitcoiners might choose to not keep calling us all ignorant. Please/thanks.)

- People are generally humble and curious and actually WANT new information, not just spout their perspective and try to shut it down.

- People are already studied and down the path. It's not like you have explain fiat currency or other complex subjects just to even get started.

- There's still a LOT of diversity of opinion here. It's a nice blend of being heterogenous enough to have deeper discussion, but diverse enough to hear something new. If everybody is too similar than nobody has much to say. I see this on the boards sometimes - it's like the conversation has already been had before you even start.

- And, it beats working my day job.


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