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Comment: Actually I am surprised

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Actually I am surprised

that this person, who was your former political adversary, had a constructive reaction--albeit over time--to your words, " It is impossible to support someone like Ron Paul, be ignorant, and willfully stupid at the same time."

Most people would take that as a direct insult, believing you implied they were ignorant and willfully stupid, and would use their own negativity / anger to further "vaccinate" themselves from your and RP's ideas.

This woman is clearly more sensible and possessing of greater humility than most! (Sheesh, for most people these days it seems as though to admit they are / were wrong would cause them to spontaneously combust.... Why are we such babies, for God's sake? Being so utterly weak while pretending to be strong [frontin'] seems the condition of the average American psyche, and it is certainly no help to political discourse / progress.)

What would the Founders do?