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Comment: During the Primary

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During the Primary

I took a trip to Reno Nevada to stand outside caucus locations with Ron Paul materials, passing them out and talking to people who were about to enter.

I only encountered two people doing the same for other candidates Newt (the Newt guy basically left a sign up and went to get coffee), and a Romney supporter.

The Romney supporter was a middle aged white male (I being a 30 year old male at the time), who tried to be my buddy immediately, standing next to me and attempting to engage me in a "friendly" debate.

The crux of his argument hinged on the assertion that Ron Paul's ideas (though good) were too extreme and that I should agree to support the winning team. He just assumed that Romney could and would beat Obama, and that Ron Paul had no popularity or debating skills.

after I shot down every assertion he could make (inflation is good, Debt is ok, don't be afraid of government surveillance if you have nothing to hide), He leaned heavily on:

"Ron Paul is going to take votes away from the candidate who can beat Obama, and since he CAN'T win you are wasting your vote"

I had a big problem with someone telling me that one particular candidate CAN'T win a free election, and as his wife exited the Caucus he lost all his enthusiasm to debate me. I left him with a final thought:

"When Romney loses to Obama, will you have wasted your vote?"

he says to me (shocked):

"No I won't have wasted my vote because I will have voted for a two party candidate"

I suppose he forgot that Ron Paul was running for one of those spots at the time. At no point did this well dressed, full grown adult man ever put together a cogent argument, and all he wanted from me was my obedience.

I would love to know his thoughts now that the election is over and his guy lost.