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Comment: In the red sheild criminal

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In the red sheild criminal

In the red sheild criminal central bank, we find a debt slave control system.

The central bank proclaims every human to be a debt slave. This is done by creating digitized money out of thin air then loaning these digits to politico installed (with unlimited money to fund) puppets, these puppets are called government.

The debt slaves are told that this bogus loan of digits has occured on their behalf by their elected officials. They are further told that they must submit to unlimited immoral extorted theft (they call tax).

None can object. As the Red Sheild agent screams you dead beat tax evader the onlookers see no wrong.

They do not need money as unlimited quanities are created out of thin air any time they desire.

So the false compounding national debts are not really about money collection, tax. They really are about forcing immoral submission. Submission to liars, theives, and genocidists.

The solution: Individual leaderless revolt. Enlightened disengagement, a seed is more powerful that a bullet. If you can feed yourself you can remove yourself from a debt slave position. You can also display a good example so others can choose to disengage and stop being suckered into the position of debt slave.