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We already produce more oil than Saudi Arabia, we surpassed them this year. You also need oil and gas for a lot more than just energy. Every plastic product for example. Diesel is oil as well. You can point the finger at the groups doing the manipulation, but for places like here in Texas, the oil industry is our economy. For years we've drilled countless wells and just shut them in after the frac. They're mostly gas wells being preserved for when the price of natural gas goes back up. All these stories about conflicts affecting the price is non-sense. They are distractions from the day-to-day conflict to redirect attention to the price of oil and the negatives that brings. The oil industry is a huge positive for our country, it is OPEC and governments that bring the negative. The oil industry feeds my family, you need to refocus your attention to the people manipulating the industry. I would urge you to look up how many cities, yes entire cities, were built solely because of the oil industry. They donate money to build and maintain county roads all over the place. Just look up the good things the oil companies do, and realize that it's government that is doing the evil bidding.

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