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...END OF STORY...I hate to tell you this, but they'd be rolling over in their graves, if they knew what we were talking about. Do you think they'd EVER in your lifetime consider this act "normal" or believe it ever should be in competition with "marriage" between a man & a woman? NOT.

There is no doubt about that. So, let's be real. Just because you might think two men/women should be "married" legally doesn't mean it's morally right. And, that's the rub.

97% of the population is heterosexual! 97%!

People don't care what you do behind closed doors, but when you try to force your change of terms on the rest of us, it raises hairs on most people's backs. The idea that a very small group of people want to force their belief-system on society at large is UNFAIR.

What, first you go for "equal rights" at our workplaces? How was that fair, when one man & one woman living together never got "benefits"? Then, you went for more---legal marriage in the eyes of the liberal courts. No, that wasn't enough! Then, you wanted to TEACH LITTLE CHILDREN in our public schools that 3% of the population's behavior was 'normal'. And, don't forget during the 80's you got the Social Workers in your back hip, so that you could adopt innocent children into your house---children who NEVER had a choice! And, you speak of freedom and rights!

No, this whole thing has gone way, way too far. Using these demented & morally-corrupt politicians to wield more influence & power over the population-at-large, is wrong, no matter how you slice it. Moreover, they just use the minority groups to gain more power. That's so obvious.