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Comment: While I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment

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While I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment

I really wish you would not imply that Tesla created some energy system that can replace oil. He did no such thing.

Hemp, however, is a fair solution. The problem with it is that once again it doesn't scale large enough while using few enough resources. I do support it completely because of the tons of other uses (some being conversion to diesel) but it simply returns us to using too much land to create a dirty energy system.

What you might consider looking into instead of these is a few other technologies that have no such problems.

Solar thermal electric (NOT PV) will play a massive role in the very near future.

Jet stream level wind systems (picture a tethered airliner towing a grid of wind turbines) can operate at 95% capacity on 300+ mph wind. Just 4% of the land that's already off limits to air travel could supply the entire country at less than 1 penny/kWh.

Multi-species algae processes can now go straight to gasoline (rated for even 1970's cars) for less cost than any other fuel.

Lithium IV hydride can store hydrogen in higher densities than gasoline, under no pressure/high temp conditions and for less cost. While not a fuel, this can both balance the electrical grid and shift a large load from fossil fuels to electricity based renewables.

Personal maglev rails can be built for 1/20th of the cost of other rail and offer ultra high speed point-to-point travel for a nickel per mile (cars cost over 50 cents/mile all totaled). Could displace 70% of the traffic instantly once installed.

Rail fuel (oil based) could be reduced by 88% if we just did the solar thermal above because coal transport uses this much fuel.

Landfill and sewage waste can be combined in new plasma gasifiers that produce electricity, metal and glass ingots, and cracked/recombined H2O as a byproduct. Each of those 4 outputs alone could pay for the system at reduced prices.

Ocean based solar thermal systems can produce electricity and desalinated steam to the mainland for 2-5 cents/kWh and free water.

There are many more solutions that I could go into. I'll admit that I'm in a unique position of knowledge on these but some are still publicly known. The point is that they ALL end the monopolistic system of a few companies over the people, they're all cheaper or MUCH cheaper, they're all clean and renewable, they all have extremely high EROEI ratios and they're all supportive of local labor.

How that for some things you can crow about?