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Thanks for the interest in my comment

I appreciate your perspective and the fact that you are brought up in faith.

Here is where the real discussion takes place on the institution of marriage , at the church. I agree with you that marriage is a church or god ordained institution. Therefore marriage is not nessesary unless one follows a religion. What benefit does a marriage serve other than a promiss between two people?

I want you to know I am not coming across in a condescending fashion and have respect for your opinion. I just see it a different way than you. Your views are boiled down into faith. Faith that there is a god that created man in his image. Faith that the bible is his word. There is no fact that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that this is so other than myth and ancient tradition. There are many sources that speak contrary to this story and other religions that carry the same attributes. In the faith ( Christianity) it describes gay or homosexual relations as an obomination. Fine, then why would a free person that is gay want to be a part of that? It is their choice and has no effect on your choice. You still have faith and they don't. In your eyes, they go to what. That has no effect on your life. That is why we must let people choose if we are to be free.

I too believe there is a creator. I am not sure what form or manifestation it happens to be. When you consider the emence possibilities logic tells us earth based religion is wrong. It is very earth centric and egotistical to say that.

Consider how old this earth is. Science has proven its much older than previously thought. Now consider the earths position in the solar system among the other planets orbiting around the star we call the sun. Then look out into our galaxy and see that it's comprised of billions of star like suns with terrestrial bodies orbiting just like our solar system.

Then, look beyond our galaxy of billions of stars and realize there are billions of galaxies out their with billions of stars in them.....then consider the 80 odd years of your average life span on this planet. Look at the history of men that sought to control and dominate this insignificant little planet for just a few thousand years.

How could anyone possibly know the answers or the true story. The fact is we don't but take solice in the fact that there is a story that tells us when we die its not over that we can live eternally. That hope is used to manipulate masses of people for good and bad depending on what region you follow. You can't sight the bible to me because I don't accept it as fact.

For me, I have accepted my fate and my short time on earth and realize I have an opportunity to truly free my mind. It is a glorious opportunity for me who is truly special to be alive to live my life free and to the most. to really LIVE! I coexist with billions of people just like me that seek the answer. I feel remorse for those that have become victim to religion or cult that dictates how they must live their life in fear of eternal suffering. They are cheated true freedom.

I am a good person, I treat my brothers and sisters with respect and embrace that all of us are searching. Who am I to tell someone who to love or who to commit to? Just like, who am I to tell you what to believe?

I think evolution is real, we are evolving everyday technologically, mentally and physically. Until we are able to rid our minds of slavery we will never be free.

Let people be free, let them decide what's best for them. This is what being libertarian means....


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.