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Yeah, but the premiums on

Yeah, but the premiums on those fractions are out of control.

Going by APMEX:

$192.27 for a 1/10 oz. gold eagle.
$466.14 for a 1/4 oz. gold eagle.

$1,864.56 for 4x 1/4 oz. gold eagles.
$1,922.70 for 10x 1/10 oz. gold eagles.

$1,741.82 for a 1 oz. gold eagle.

7% higher for 1/4 oz. gold eagles.
10% higher for 1/10 oz. gold eagles.

You're better off saving for an ounce if your conscience can deal with dumping that much money into such a tiny inanimate object that only weighs 3/40 of a pound.

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