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Comment: Spoken like a genuine oil company shill

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Spoken like a genuine oil company shill

Could you be more obvious in your agenda? Wow.

We may produce more oil (highly debatable in knowledgeable circles) for a while but you can't think for one second that this can continue, can you? The EROEI on tar sand and shale oil is horrible. We only get 2-3 barrels of oil out for each bbl we spend on the energy to do it. This is down from the horrible 5:1 which the global trend is moving towards. Additionally, you are not considering the environmental devastation of the site or of the final use. Additionally, you're not accounting for the potable water use and contamination. Additionally, you're not considering all the extremely toxic metals contamination left all over these mining sites. Didn't think that through much, did you?

Long chain hydrocarbon needs for other industries is minuscule compared to that for energy related needs. It's so small that bio-fuel based replacements only wait for the market shift before they can switch over. Strawman argument.

The whale industry used to be our economy too and people didn't listen to others saying it had problems until a replacement was found. Where are those whale-oil economies now? If you derived the majority of your town's income from central banking should we support you then too?

Oil had it's day. It was very useful in ushering in the industrial age but it's time has passed now. You may not want to hear it but for every use of current oil production, I can show you an alternative that can cleanly scale larger and for less money. My point is that oil is a tool used by high finance types to keep us under their monopolistic control and we no longer need either.

"They donate money to build and maintain..." I can't even finish copying that one. Give us a break. Now you're gonna tell us how great the oil companies are? They are the second most evil companies in the world's history. That pittance you claim is so great isn't even pocket lint to them. It's called PR and propaganda. Go read on Edward Bernays before continuing this line.

The bottom line is do you want to be a slave to money? No? Ok, then that means you have to break the chains in every aspect as well. You simply can't remain addicted to monopolized oil and expect to fight off the banks.