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Comment: "I really wish you would not

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"I really wish you would not

"I really wish you would not imply that Tesla created some energy system that can replace oil. He did no such thing."

Well, I would not discount it. You really might want to check the story and work of perhaps the only publicly known person to replicate Tesla's work:

Eric Dollard:

And this broader historical story:

"Tesla found that when he sent radiant energy into the ground he could gather it at a receiving station several miles away. Tesla could indeed transmit electricity wirelessly but NOT through the air. Tesla said in his own words that significant transmission of power through the earth ionosphere wave guide was impossible as it was not thick enough to conduct significant power. The transmission was through the GROUND, literally."


"What was more amazing was that sometimes more power would appear at the other end collectively than was put in. For example if 1000 watts of conventional power was pumped into WardenClyffe then 1000 watts could be gathered at a receiving station in California and another 1000 watts could be gathered at a receiving station in Egypt, for a total of 1000 in and 2000 out. The earth would magnify the power. The more receiving stations the more power. Hence this invention as patented was called the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. This is the kernel of WardenClyffe."

And no, Radiant Energy is not your standard AC or DC..