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Solutions for you

This isn't about what's moral or immoral. Government should have no say in that. If you believe it does then you are beyond help as you are jeopardizing your own beliefs by doing so.

What this is about is one group is being recognized by the government and receiving benefits and privileges while other groups who feel they are equal are being denied. Since the only real basis for this denial is religious in nature it does not and should not have any standing under a secular government. That would be establishing religion. On the other hand I object to religious terminology such as marriage being used in laws and statutes. Marriage is a private affair. A more neutral and secular term should be used for government purposes sucha as civil unions. This solution eliminates 90% of the debate.

As to your other points, if you feel so strongly about it you have options. If you are worried about your children being taught by those you do not approve of, take them out of that school and investigate your other options such as private, charter, parochial, homeschool, etc. If you are worried about those you do not approve of adopting innocent children, adopt them your self or help support agencies you do approve of to do so. Those kids need somewhere to go. Finally if you are worried about others using demented and morally corrupt politicians wielding power and influence over the population at large you must do your part to ensure that those politicians are put out of power and sent home and that trusted honest and wise leaders take their place. Also ensure that even those wise leaders do not have power over things that they are not authorized to by the constitution, such as marriage. Gays are ruining this country, the lack of self responsibility is.

You can oppose homosexuality personally and advocate against it all you want if you wish but you cannot dictate morality through those same laws and demented politicians and expect it not to come back and bite you.

Take the government out of marriage and everything else it doesn't belong.