Comment: The founders of this country were also slave holders

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The founders of this country were also slave holders

Does that mean we should deny blacks the right to be free? The social norms at the time were very different. This issue has finally come to the fore front of the national discussion. But I agree with most here that this is not something for government to regulate. And I also agree that this is not something that should be shoved down our throats. Take this as an example: I am personally an atheist. Does that mean that I should have to accept Christianity as law? Should you be forced to give up your religion because of my beliefs? No. These are topics where these so called social engineers should just stay out of. It all seems like a big distraction anyways. Anybody checked the debt clock lately? How about those taxes taken out of your last paycheck? Whatever happens, this will all blow over eventually and the PTB will have to find another story of the week to keep the masses divided and distracted.