Comment: DICTATING morality is EXACTLY what is going on!

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DICTATING morality is EXACTLY what is going on!

I beg to differ with some of the comments that the homosexual lobby is NOT trying to dictate morals. That is a bald-faced lie that they are not. Why do you think there is such an uproar about all this? Look, the REALITY is that the homosexual lobby groups are bringing this to the Supreme Court. They defied what California citizens wanted, remember?

Even here where I live they are trying to LEGISLATE MORALITY at the K-12 level by legalizing the teachings of mommy & mommy and daddy & daddy. Yes, we can take our kids out, but this is a PUBLICLY OWNED INSTITUTION, and if you truly believe in the government not getting involved in legislating morality, then, you are being a hypocrite by saying we can just simply take our kids out of school. You know full well that most couples all work full-time jobs and cannot afford private schools, or homeschooling. What is fair about that? I suppose you think this is all very funny.

Regarding politicians, I think we at DP have hashed this around over & over again. As far as campaigning and getting involved, no one can criticize me for not doing my part---traveling out of state to campaign, donating thousands of dollars to Dr. Paul in both campaigns! But, you really are avoiding the issues here, because politically, I think we know who owns the voting processes---Goldman Sachs who has total control now over the Presidential Vote Tabulation software, conveniently located in Spain, and under the control of Balderton Capital in London. We all know how "fair" this last campaign was with rampant vote fraud by the RINOS. So, your "solutions" are ludicrous.

The PROBLEM is that this lobby group has pushed their way into every aspect of our lives. This isn't just about money. If that were the case, they wouldn't have pushed their way into the BOY SCOUTS. The point I'm making is that this IS about morality & legislating to get their way, and THAT is the REALITY.