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Comment: The DailyPaul was my gateway

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The DailyPaul was my gateway

The DailyPaul was my gateway drug. It opened the doors to so many different topics, philosophies, and ideas, that I wasn't accustomed to hearing.

I was simply oblivious to everything, just preoccupied with going through the motions of life. Going to school, watching my TV shows, taking MSM's word on everything. Since joining this community about a year ago I've learned how to think more rationally and become more tolerate of other peoples ideas and beliefs.

As humans what we don't understand we automatically portray as evil or bad. But I am no longer afraid of the unknown, I have become the unknown In societies eyes. I am no longer a vibrant sheep among the herd. I am a black sheep of society, and i'm okay with that. Soon enough liberty will be the norm. Thank-you DailyPaul!!