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Again you haven't defined clearly what you think your mind is being "freed" from. I can't quite see where you're headed. My gist is that you think if you "free" yourself from traditional Christian values and do what you consider to be "good" then you're somehow elevating yourself to some higher plain or something. It seems quite random. I agree with your stance on gay marriage with the exception that since I believe it is immoral. It doesn't infringe on me, I teach my family what I believe and hopefully they see it my way. People are welcome to engage in it, but I don't have to celebrate that.

Your scientific comments I would say are rude and mostly unfounded. But that is the problem with most of these arguments, they go well beyond reason to diatribe and that lends to arrogance. I don't actually hear much logic in your post, but I'm striving too, so please elucidate for me. This is the simple question I guess I would ask. Where do you get this ethic that teaches you that homosexual unions are moral unions? Or is that not what you're saying?