Comment: PRredlin---neither would a man & a woman

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PRredlin---neither would a man & a woman

living together. So what? A man & woman "living together" don't get benefits. And, why should they?

Being a libertarian does not mean that every aspect of life is 'fair', or that all rules are 'fair'. Society is set up and grounded in the 'rules' of our religious foundations with tentacles firmly entrenched in our Constitution. If you loosen up our morals in our society to the point we have no moral compass, then, you have effectively undermined the Constitution, and the Constitution will collapse, as we are witnessing as each and every single day goes by.

Give a guy an inch, he'll take a mile. So few comprehend the wisdom of limits. They argue for government limits, but not moral limits. Where do you draw the line? Pretty soon we'll hear it's okay to have polygamy, because he loves all his wives, so why shouldn't he have as much.

We have to draw lines somewhere. Unfortunately, many young, as well as some old people have been brainwashed and influenced tremendously by Hollywood & TV, to the point they have lost their moral compass. Witness 'girls gone wild' on TV shows. Witness the degradation of love, but oh, when we want to use that term to our political advantage, out comes the 'love' card. I'm sick of it all. Hollywood & the filthy, corrupt politicians are close to ruining our culture! And, along with their own sick Pelosi, Feinstein, Boehner, Rino perversions, they are taking us down financially. First, Cyprus, next us...