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Comment: You need to remove your blinders

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You need to remove your blinders

The oil industry is highly regulated and must adhere to all kinds of environmental standards, I know because I formulate the drilling fluids to drill the wells with. It does not take more energy to drill and produce a well than we get back, not even close. Every company out there is using old frac water, brine, or whatever dirty water they can get their hands on because it's cheap, we aren't stealing your drinking water.

Think how many things you couldn't do without oil and gas that isn't energy related. If there is a viable alternative it will naturally emerge in the market. Even these oil companies you despise use solar panels to power all their monitoring equipment. You have this preconceived notion that oil companies are run by evil people with bad intentions. We are all normal people trying to make a living and be successful in life. It's the corruption of the 'elite' that use the oil industry and price manipulation to their benefit. Oil is no where near being obsolete as you imply. Look at how many developing countries there are that are driving the demand for oil and gas.

Yes, I am telling you how great these companies are. They do so much not just financially, but for the well being of communities as a whole. These companies literally show up to remote areas and lease land to drill on. The people that own the mineral rights to that land become very wealthy if production is good. In no time, there's hotels, restaurants, gas stations, neighborhoods, apartments, and anything else that supports a community just sprouting up from nothing. Entire cities are formed from nothing because these 'evil' oil companies provide good paying jobs, and those people spend their money in that area. These companies know that all the heavy trucks are beating up the roads so they donate money to the county to build new and bigger highways, or to simply maintain the current ones. They build relationships with individuals and local government to foster a good work and living environment. They are the reason that Texas has such a great economy with the fastest growing cities in the country. Without these companies the standard of living in my state would be much lower. Be thankful we bust our butts so you can drive around every day and heat your home in the winter or cook on your gas grill outside.

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