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Comment: Big thumbs up, very well

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Big thumbs up, very well

Big thumbs up, very well written! :)

Started using Bitcoin about 3 weeks ago and still learning a lot.

Starting to see so many awesome opportunities with this technology! :)

But like with everything else: don't put all your eggs in one basket and with this technology still being in development: do not put more in it than you're willing to loose in a worst case scenario basically
(but doesn't this apply to all financial instruments / currencies?!?)

Just think about the fact that this is the first time in history where both a currency and the payment network (a global one!) is not owned by a small group of powerful people.

It's going to to for the financial world what e-mail did to the postal services, if not more.

Also a nice link to follow news:

I think Bitcoin is very nice for global transactions. Precious metals are historically very good at being a store of value. Checking vs. savings account kind of thing. :)