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Comment: FLIN---couldn't agree more

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FLIN---couldn't agree more

I wish it wasn't true, but if you look at Infowars & what Paul Joseph Watson posted yesterday on the Bohemian Grove, it made me literally SICK! I looked up the gay porn star's name on yahoo images & saw things my poor eyes had never seen before in my life. When I think of what is going on to "validate" this, it makes me so sad. Instead of validating this, we should be trying to help those get OUT of what they are doing. So many of these men/women had major troubles in their youth. Many who came to SFrancisco & other big cities were abducted, drugged, and forced into the humiliation of it all. Once there, it was hard to turn back! Many were sexually abused as children by the same sex. It's awful, and to think we, as a society, have allowed these people to adopt is, well, beyond all sanity.