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Comment: I don't see what defending

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I don't see what defending

I don't see what defending patents has to do with licensing everyone's rights.

Zoning is unconstitutional. Property is property and no level of government should have the say as to what you do on your land, as long as you are not harming anyone or their property from or on your property. If we still had land patents zoning and HOAs would be mere figments of the imagination.

I also fail to see what Coca-Cola trademarking the name coke has to do with anything I said. Using the government to defend your business against copiers is lawful, but that does not translate into the government going around as police telling everyone what to do.

It's a first amendment right to be intolerant of other colors/cultures/sexes/gays and run a business in that manner. It's everyone's first amendment right to nonviolently refuse to do business with them. You can't inspire change towards what is right in people through the use of force. That never causes a person to look at their self and think maybe they are doing something wrong. Being shunned by society does.

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