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Comment: This is a serious post...

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This is a serious post...

As a thought exercise, I've been thinking of alternative situations where marriage could be expanded/modified in the future. Though these may seem preposterous to suppose, please follow the train of thought:

Person + Person + Person... (multiple people in one marriage)
Person + Animal
Mother + Son, or Father + Daughter
Brother + Sister, etc.
Child under 18 + Person over 18
Child under 18 + Child under 18
Person of Race #1 + Person of Race #2 (there used to be laws against this...?)

I haven't done my research, but I think laws currently prohibit these relationships, but I wonder if that would ever change in the future. There were laws against homosexuality in the past, even DOMA could be considered a modern example. That has changed due to the shifting of public opinion, IMO. I believe interracial marriage was prevented in the past (some states), but eventually changed. Again, lacking research.

The thought experiment was to consider if any of the above might ever become a reality due to the same reason. It kind of feels weird to think of those or other similar situations arising, but I have to believe that it *could* be possible if public opinion swayed to that spectrum. Am I incorrect in feeling that way? Is government just setup to allow/enforce contracts between individuals, whatever they may be? How does gov't decide what is allowable vs. unallowable, right vs. wrong, correct vs. incorrect? Is it simply based upon the consensus of the governed?

Appreciate folk's responses.