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Comment: Jesse Ventura documented underground Bunkers/Cities as well

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Jesse Ventura documented underground Bunkers/Cities as well

In two of his "Conspiracy Theory" episodes he documents these. The bunkers and underground cities are real but the purported reason for these (solar radiation and/or magnetic pole shift) is bogus. The real reason is nuclear war where the government will stand down a provoked nuclear war with Russia and China and allow millions to be killed here finally breaking the will of the American people to be a free and sovereign people so they'll beg to join a militarized "New World Order" to save us from our enemies. First the two episodes (Jesse Ventura also mistakenly thought in the 2012 episode that it has to do with a solar event but his research is top notch): (2012) (Ozarks)
It's important to note in an interview with Alex Jones Jesse explained that TruTv excised a lot of footage that they got when they took an unauthroized ride into and inside the underground city (like amenities, buildings, possible agriculture and other infrastructure probably under pressure from you know who)

OK. now the real reason for these. Hold onto your seat! Watch these 4 videos in order:

Here's the most recent from Joel and yes this interview was only 3 days after his horrific plane crash. His plane was smashed to pieces and his seat belt torn was in half and he walked out of the wreckage unscathed (reminds me of when Ron Paul's plane went down over Louisiana and the pilot pulled it out at the last minute for a safe landing in New Orleans back in 2008 - I have my suspicions about both of these airplane events but I'll leave it alone here):

For the curious here's the news report on Skousen's plane crash: