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Comment: A Russian prospective ~ I prefer Dr Ron Paul's perspective.

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A Russian prospective ~ I prefer Dr Ron Paul's perspective.

Oral history from one quite entwined with the KGB deception. Indeed, the art of deception runs deep. This epic tale is told from the perspective of one deeply involved with the deception.

Red Cocaine: Drugging of America & West

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00 Prolog
01 Introduction
02 Perestroika Deception - 2003 "New Lives Old Ways"
06 Amazon Book Review (excerpt):

'In 1996, annual revenues derived from global criminalist activities were estimated by the World Bank's experts at $1.2 trillion... The narcotics trade alone is in the $500 billion or more range. A more realistic estimate today would probably be of the order of $2 trillion per year... That is to say, governments, banks and the global criminalists are arranging the transfer of at least $1 trillion every year of national and private wealth into the bank accounts of the global criminal fraternity - a massive transfer of wealth for which there has been no historical parallel.... 'Two trillion+ dollars a year (a conservative figure, as noted) over the past two decades, excluding interest, would imply that more than $40 trillion will have been added to the wealth of the global criminal classes... representatives of Lenin's continuing world socialist revolution. Most of this money has been invested in property, bonds and stocks, and each year a further trillion or more dollars is added to the pool... The associated corruption among financial institutions, investment advisory services ... has by now long since reached epidemic proportions. And this transformation has been accompanied by minimal publicity, with the exception of extensively publicised, but intermittent, 'drug busts'...'.

'It is critical for the survival of Western civilisation, and in order to slow down its rapid descent into pervasive, corrosive globalised criminality and corruption, ... to understand the true nature of the illegal drug crisis... The drugs scourge continues to escalate because the measures so far developed to counter it do not take account of the geopolitical dimension - that is to say, of the malevolent, revolutionary intent which drives it'.

'As a consequence, the measures taken, in the United States, Britain and elsewhere, to address the scourge, have remained essentially irrelevant and ineffective.... The plague continues to spread because the West is the victim of a deliberate, sustained and relentless offensive planned and directed by enemy intelligence which Western policymakers appear not to begin, or care, to understand... ... every piece of fashionable disinformation and for every diversionary tactic which is intended to add to the confusion and which clouds the truth: namely, that the West has been targeted as an act of war, and is the victim of a sustained offensive'.

'Obviously, the longer this perversity and blindness continue, the more powerful and insuperable will the forces which help to perpetuate this blanket offensive, become. Soon, they will wield almost total power in some Western countries. The European Union's collectivist structures, with their pork-barrel traditions and inclinations, are conspicuously vulnerable to drug-related corruption'...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul