Comment: Neither one of you can say w/ 100% accuracy about his deception.

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Neither one of you can say w/ 100% accuracy about his deception.

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV: From the PRESIDIUM (Moscow, Russia) to the PRESIDIO (SF, California)
Presidio House 1092, former Coast Guard commander's quarters (constructed in 1890), the Gorbachev Foundation headquarters in 1993-2003.">

Mikhail Gorbachev's departure from the Soviet Presidium to the San Francisco Presidio precipitated a massive import of Socialism into U.S. government.

Neither one of you can compare to the art of deception mastered by those of which you speak. I am familiar with fiction, as we all are. Take the perspectives of those sharing somewhat candidly about how they deceived us. Blaming is not necessary. The folks telling the tales of Soviet deception were the Soviets. There are telling about what they themselves were involved with. It is up to us to make this information useful.

It is far easier for me to make use of lessons given freely by Dr Ron Paul.

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