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Pull my Ponzi

I just traded all my gold for BTC! JK. It wouldnt surprise me if this vid is true. Truthfully, its all funny money. BTC, FRN, EURo, YEN, GOLD, TULIPS, & ALPACA'S. Everything is a ponzi scheme.

The goal is to find someone who wants what you have and is willing to trade anything or nothing for anything or nothing. "Marketing" I call it influencing the wants & desires of that person in order to negotiate a trade in your favor...

Even atoms trick each other with a pump & dump electron transfer. Its gets dangerous so they forego their identity and band together as molecules with new & improved pyramid schemes to capture energy.

It just builds & compounds as trillions of ponzi schemes become stacked on top of biological systems all in a race to capture enough energy to ensure their safety. All of this occurs in a simple state of positive/negative charges.

Funny apes that we are, we recognize these ponzi schemes, but fail to recognize that it lies within the very fiber of our existence.

Is there a way to change it for the better? I doubt it. But I just laid out the ideology necessary to justify the actions of every electron in the blockchain we call the universe(That'd be a Win in my book).

If you read this, you may think I just derailed off topic. But if you spend some more of your energy on my thought, you just might agree...

& if you really thought about what I put down in this post, you missed the fact that I just ponzied 15seconds from your life (Something) for $h!tZ & giggles (Anything).