Comment: Unable to conform

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Unable to conform

One who is unable to adjust to one's environment or circumstances or is considered to be disturbingly different from others."

To me your most unique asset, which is powerful beyond accurate measure, an inability to conform.

In my case it is willfully non-conformist.

"and cannot measure up"

Here is the same problem of misunderstanding me. How can you get it so wrong? I don't know. The measure of you, from me, that measures up is your unique capacity to overstep the boundaries placed upon you, and even the boundaries that you may set for yourself, and in that sense you not only measure up, in my view, you raise the bar, and in a good way, a competitive way, an exemplary way.

Not to be confused with anything you do that does not register as being accurate in my measure, or eventually, in your own measure, as far as I can tell.

"I am sorry Joe."

If I can be of any help, then my help is to help you find where error is measurable, and where you can avoid repeating those errors, if not, if I can't, that does not, in my mind, diminish, in any way, the good things that you do, uniquely so much better than any one else can, in your shoes.

In that, perhaps, I share your absolute belief in God as the one true power of creation. You are here for a reason, and I can't know what it is, but I can say that your unique qualities (goodness) stand out like the little girl in red in that black and white movie titled Schindler's List.