Comment: Isn't it a little strange

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Isn't it a little strange

Isn't it a little strange that all of the sudden, when Bitcoin is skyrocketing, that this guy decides to "come clean"?

"Oh yeah, I scammed people when Bitcoins were chump change enough to buy a house. But now that Bitcoin is booming, and I could make more money now running a legit exchange than I ever could have before. I just want to jolt your confidence in my business by telling you I'm scamming you and will continue to scam you greedy people."

First, how is it greedy to move wealth out of the dollar?

Second, is what this guy "confessing" to really even a scam? To me it would be analogous to a merchant raising the price tag on his $20 product to $25. If someone is willing to buy at that price, then isn't that what helps define the market price?

Third, even if this guy were doing this, if his customers were unhappy with his services they would go elsewhere and he would be missing out on a great opportunity to make money. If they were happy with his services, then who is he to say that his price raising "scam" is not just smart entrapraneurship in getting the most out of his services?

Forth, the hypocracy in his post is enough to dismiss any legitimacy. "I scammed people and bought a house with their money. I don't feel bad because THEY were greedy." Really?? Are people on the daily Paul buying into garbage like this?

I'm brand new to understanding bitcoin. I've known about it for a couple years, but never saw enough about it to form a serious opinion (though I'm sure I dismissed it as silly).
I've been studying Austrian economics for 7 years now. I consider my self an expert on Austrian monetary theory. What I've lately learned about Bitcoin fundamentals is revolutionary. I don't think it violates Austrian theory. It's different, but its also a brand new technology. New technologies (such as ASIC) have been invented specifically for bitcoin. I don't think it violates Mises' regression theorem, I think the regression theorem may have been worded with a bias against money created out of thin air, but theory itself is sound. If I want to buy LSD online, I can't use dollars, but I can use bitcoins. If that is my goal, then there is value to me in exchanging things for bitcoins so I can exchange them for drugs. Regardless of the previous actions of bitcoin, this transaction alone gives bitcoin a direct exchange value. From this transaction forward, bitcoin can remain in strict compliance with the regression theorem. I'm very excited, direct competition with our arch-rivals, the Federal Reserve. Bitcoin is legit, posts like this are badly done in opposition.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."