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Ah but you can certainly

Ah but you can certainly trust people to work toward their own self interests. Mine is to live free and not see my daughters living in an Orwelleon nightmare. You don't trust anyone with political power, and that is not unwise, but at the same time, political power is a dangerous weapon much like a gun. Unarmed people are nothing but victims of armed criminals. The corrupt collrctivists are using their monopoly on political power to destroy us.

Arm yourselves for crying out loud. You worry that politics will turn Ron Paul libertarians into corrupt oligarchs, but I say bullshit. This is a revolt, and there will never be a more principled and idiological group of people as there is at this time. Don't get me wrong, eventually the collectivists will sneak back in and begin to spread like a virus again; but not soon. The world knows more about the hands pulling the strings than at any other time in history of humanity. Technology is throwing gasoline on the bonfire of the establishment and global puppet masters. This is the age of Libertarianism, and I am uncorruptable, as are those who come to our meetings and swarmed the neocon ramparts with me. I don't care if you believe it, I don't care if the tactics I used to win my delegate and PCO positions offend your useless sensibilities, if you aren't fighting to take your power back from them, than you are meaningless to me. And if you can't understand that self defense applies in reasonable measure to your right to liberty and property just as much as your right to life, than you are being handicapped by false ethics and will always remain a slave to the state wether you "believe" it or not.