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Comment: Just like the US Dollar!

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Just like the US Dollar!

Wow, weird, this video and everything they say about Bitcoin sounds exactly like the dollar. Why do people trust the dollar? All it is, is paper, and most of the time the dollar itself is represented in digital form in a bank accounts just like the Bitcoin... The only difference is, Bitcoin doesnt have a government hell bent on destroying it through inflation. There will only be 21million Bitcoins EVER created and no government will be able to change that. Do your research on Bitcoin, to me it seems like it could become a good alternative to fiat currency, and it will be in the control of the people not government like our founding fathers intended with gold and silver. Limited supply so the government cant get out of control, like it currently is. This idea was thought of over 250 years ago, and I think people are just now realizing what they were talking about. The people should control the currency and the government should work for us!

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