Comment: Chris Duane is a scam artist

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Chris Duane is a scam artist

this dude has suckered so many member of his cult it's scary. he is literally a scam "artist" except he is not the actual artist. this guy and his crew premeditatedly set out to scam his cult followers by minting a bunch of silver coins and selling them as rare at a massively inflated price. he minted some coins and convinced his cult member that they are rare and they would get rich if they bought them. same problem he has against bitcoins. it's fine if you want to spend $30,000 on 5oz of silver that his crew is selling on ebay but i think i'll pass lol. i wonder how long his ponzi scheme can last? i wonder how many of these "rare" coins he has stashed back and is selling on ebay. i wonder how long before he starts secretly minting 1000's of these rare coins and selling them on ebay. brilliant scam chris, for not one in a thousand could figure it out and when the lemmings do there is always plausible deniability. at least they will still hold there silver value just like the stuff glen beck sells. talk about a ponzi scheme.

i'll take $30,000 in bitcoins over 5oz of sbss silver any day.

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