Comment: OK. this video marks a turning point for me...

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OK. this video marks a turning point for me...

Without having ever met him, I thought very highly of Chris until this video.

The scam which this article refers to is equally possible on any exchange for any product anywhere in the world. Including gold and silver exchanges.

So his solution? More regulation? More laws? More government? Brilliant Chris! Perhaps we can get those nice fellows who regulate those "corruption-free", banks, COMEX and stock exchanges to regulate Bitcoin exchanges for us? Then everything will be fine. Maybe Obama can create another 3 character agency for our protection?

The best "force" to keep exchanges honest are market forces, ie: competition.

Chris has a lot of good material, but when it comes to Bitcoin he has lost the plot. That is not to say that Bitcoin is infallible, nor that everyone should rush in and put all your savings in Bitcoin.

For reasons unknown to me, Chris is emotional charged on this topic and as a result this video is his intellectually weakest.
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