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Comment: what is the problem?

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what is the problem?

Have these people not heard of general admission?

If life is a living hell in Mexico due to violence, instability, etc and declared as some emergency zone or whatever the UN and international call it, refugee camps could be set up until the crisis passes and some can be processes for eventual citizenship.

If the people come for purely economic gain they should take a number. Mexico has one of the most stringent immigration laws and their southern border is carefully scrutinized from what I hear.

To come into a country illegally and demand benefits? Are you kidding me? What other country would stand for such a flagrant disregard for its laws unless it was the UK :P

Any other country would immediately deport the person and ban them from their land.

I have been to countries ie tax havens and their immigration controls are very strict and one time I was detained and questioned in the airport for verification of my lodgings for that upcoming week. My friend who resided there legally had to come to the airport and vouch for me to their customs/border agents. Perhaps I looked hung over which did not look good and was wearing some kind of t-shirt advertising a brand of whiskey lol