Comment: I watch actions rather. Just my personal preference.

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I watch actions rather. Just my personal preference.

In my experience (and my father's, long ago), the worst, i.e., most genuine racists and group thinkers are in fact, often, the same most polite individuals with lenient, politically correct speeches, and so-called "liberal views".

For, guess what... it's not so much about what they may or may not say.

Rather: their ACTIONS, which speak louder than words. That's what I watch in people. What they do, no matter what they say.

Additionally: ACTIONS also actually reflect people's IDEAS. Hence, how the lie was invented: to hide ideas until the last minute, before infamy comes in actions.

But hey... "Your Mileage May Vary".


In the case of ObaMARX, I think it's a bit more subtle, despite he seems acting like a racist against the black people, as I suspect he is in fact a collectivist sociopath who really doesn't care about anyone or anything but only about plunder, power, and fame - he, supreme tool, has greater masters than himself anyway.

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