Comment: You missed it dude

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You missed it dude

Granted, this is a thread about BTC & not the philosophy of an underlying current that dictates the behavior of all things that I am aware of containing matter.


I like BTC. It may very well become more than a novelty for most & capture 9% of the forex years from now. But a lot of things must occur before then. And even after that happens, so what? Forex is ponzi too. A ponzi construct can exist within anywhere. It may not be the BTC that has the problem. Its how people perceive they are/can be used.

FOR ME: BTC can store value(although in a volatile form). I GIVE it value because it appears transparent. It looks prettier than the crusty 1's & 0's from my bank. Thats it. The only value for me... until a better value ponzies along.

For this currency to survive infancy, it must feed the emotions of the masses. There has been a heavy push this past decade to educate the young in austrian theory. But the old will never go for it. They are fine slow boiling their frog. They want 'stability(predictable loss)' not volatility.

Here are a few ?'s though:

What will be the market forces that bring about less volatility?

What are the causes of the extreme volatility in BTC?

If the currency vehicle is finite, then wont it return to zero?

Is there a way to determine which BTC have been destroyed?