Comment: Here is my email to the author of this editorial....

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Here is my email to the author of this editorial....

I can not agree on anything you say in your editorial about Dr. Paul. His filibuster was epic. Brilliant. Historic.

He forced the world (and the main stream media) to have to talk about media-blacked out subjects that their corporatist overlords would not allow them to talk about, such as drones, and the president's secret kill list.

Rand's foreign policy is not that far from his dad's actually. He is only playing the neocon political game to get in there.

Trust me...the apple does not fall from the tree where that is concerned.

While I agree with much of the website material (I am an ex-necon who is now and anarcho-capitalist)...I found your editorial to be a distraction and just plain disinformation.

If you really care about ending wars and stopping the Anglo-American NWO globalist illuminati empire that is trying to kill most of us off and enslave the rest...then you should have given mad props to Dr. Paul for taking a step in the right direction.

Instead you launch into this purist criticism, which doesn't help; rather, it hurts. It doesn't bring more people under the tent, it excludes more people.

Your editorial is EXACTLY why classical liberalism has trouble taking off today because the purists in the ivory towers take pot shots at everybody that is not as "pure" as opposed to welcoming them into the tent.

~Christopher M
Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

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