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sum it up

one big straw man. don't waste your time.

elaborate? some of the arguements:
1) if you use bitcoin, you're a scumbag doing something illegal.. like tax evasion.
2) no centralization, thus you don't have the wonderful protection that other 'legitimate' currencies (note: i did not say money) afford you such as the SEC, the Federal Reserve, court system, et al
3) it's a ponzi schene.. don't worry about the definition of a ponzi scheme as i don't mean it in a literal sense, only to scare you
4) don't put your life savings into an emerging, totally experimental, digital currency (which only a person with no "life savings" would ever dream of doing)

the anonymous blogger and the GTNT were totally disingenuous and made no attempt at assembling a coherent, logical argument against the currency other than it is a currency and not "money."

which would be cool.. but they never distinguished the two. which i view as an incriminating omission.

one can't overlook the vested interest one may have in doing such a thing if say, they were competing against it.