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You seriously can't figure out the contractual difference between????:

1) A retailer - that has no contractual obligation to certain prices (unless specified by a contracted supplier)


2) A neutral service provider that provides a medium for THIRD PARTIES to agree on exchange price

Mt. Gox handles approx. 80% of all bitcoin exchanges. According to Mt. Gox's Terms of Use Mt. Gox provides a service that allows third parties to agree on a price and then transact an exchange if they wish and Mt. Gox then charges a commission/fee according to a published schedule.

All bitcoin exchange's terms of service (explicit contracts) are practically identical. If Mt. Gox or any of those other exchanges meddle with the reported prices and price averages then they are BREAKING THEIR CONTRACT and therefore breaking the law and committing contractual fraud.

For the reported prices on the bitcoin charts to drop 25% rapidly multiple times, then the exchanges go offline then the price is rapidly restored in an hour or so is evidence of unnatural manipulation. The buyers and seller certainly wouldn't naturally exhibit this behavior multiple times in a span of two weeks or so. The exchanges are FIXING the price which is FRAUD according to their published contractual obllgations!!!

What makes this even more heinous and fraudulent is that 70% or so of all bitcoins are held by the EXCHANGES!

Your zeal is interfering with your critical thinking processes and perception of reality. Splash some cold water on your face or something! Wake up from your delusion! It's not too late... ;)

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